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A cookie is a text file that websites put on the hard drive of the user/member during his visit.

Generally, cookies are without damage to the device of the user/member. This last is therefore free to accept or decline cookies by configuring his web browser.
Cookies of e-recruitment platform - United States are by no means used to collect personal data, but only for connectivity and navigability on web pages only.

A member must click on the checkbox "Keep me logged in" contained in the authentication block to enable cookie management e-recruitment platform on his device. Following this action, the - United States cookies will be used to facilitate access of the member to the ​​administration area and other web pages requesting authentication.

The cookie files created on the hard drive of a member provides connectivity and navigability on all web pages of e-recruitment platform - United States without authentication.
The member can then access the administration area of ​​his profile, as often as he wishes without having to enter his identifiers.

In case of disconnection of the administration area by a member, he will not be allowed to access web pages or sections requesting authentication.
For security reasons, the e-recruitment platform - United States store email member without his password in a specific cookie file to simplify his subsequent re-authentication.

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A preliminary configuration on the web browser is scheduled to accept or decline cookies on the device.

A member has the ability to delete a cookie file through the interface of his web browser. This action lost members all the benefit provided by the cookie. In this case, members will again enter all the information about them.

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